Culpin Settlement Certificates

Right of Settlement

Because responsibility fell on the parish, the authorities became very anxious to only provide relief for those that were its responsibility, i.e. could claim a legal right of settlement. Those that could not provide satisfactory evidence were removed back to their last legal parish.

Daniel Culpin – 23 March 1812

A copy of this order was delivered to the said Daniel Culpin, the day and years within. Written by me Amos Ingham, overseer.

WEST RIDING of YORKSHIRE. To wit. The Examination of Mary Witham of the said township of Heptonstall in the said riding, Single Woman taken on oath before us, two of his Majesty’s justices of the peace for the said riding, this twenty third day of March 1812 who saith, that about forty one weeks ago, she was delivered of a male bastard child, born in the township of Heptonstall aforesaid, which said the male bastard child is now living and chargeable to the township of Heptonstall, aforesaid. And further upon her oath saith, That the said male bastard child was begotten on her body by Daniel Culpin of the parish of Bacup in the County of Lancaster, labourer and that she had no dealings with any other person or persons whatsoever for the same: And that Daniel Culpin aforesaid, is the only true natural father of the said bastard child of which she was delivered as aforesaid.

Month: £1 15s 0d
Expenses: £1 2s
Orders: £0 6s 0d
37 Weeks: £3 4s 9d
TOTAL £6 7s 9d

Pr Week 1/9

Richard Culpin: May 1724

Lincolnshire Settlement Certificates record that Richard and his wife Ann have legal settlement rights for Peakirk a few miles away in nearby Northamptonshire. They were living on Deeping St. James, Lincolnshire at the time.

Peakirk was then a small hamlet near Newborough in the ‘Soke Of Peterborough’, in North Northamptonshire. It is now part of Peterborough but within Cambridgeshire following boundary changes.

Christopher Culpin of Morton by Bourne, Lincolnshire 25 Nov 1809

The documents show that he was said to be 29 years of age, born in Barrowden, Rutland and was now employed as a labourer.