GRO Birth Indexes

Complete listings of CULPIN births as recorded in GRO records

The following pdfs show the complete listings of Culpin births in the indexes for the GRO from the start of civil registration in England and Wales until 1909.

What is shown in our indexes

We have made every effort to make sure that our indexes are accurate but if you do find errors, please contact us. Our indexes show:-

  • the name of the child
  • the sex of the child
  • the quarter he or she was recorded as born in,
  • the year of birth as recorded in the GRO index
  • the name of the district where the child was born
  • the Surname of the mother. This is shown for all entries – see note below* (new for our indexes from 2017!)

CULPIN birth indexes available


  • Records of other spelling variants are being prepared and are to follow
  • *Where a mother’s surname is not listed it can be assumed it is the same as the child’s and that she is therefore unmarried.
  • Note that these lists show the birth year of the child and the quarter of the year that he or she was born in. The original register entry will give the actual date of birth and place.
  • The quarters of the year are shown in the listings as a letter (eg L), for explanations about these or the way civil registration started and worked CLICK HERE.
  • Churches and some Independent Chapels recorded the Baptism of the child but not usually the birth. The baptism was normally performed a few months after the birth but it may have been delayed until much later. Note also that in the early stages of civil registration there were some areas where the civil registration of the birth did not occur or occured after the baptism. See our notes about civil registration for guidance.
  • Civil registration districts were often huge and varied far beyond the ‘name’ associated with it. GENUK have a really useful section on this.

Other information