Apprentice Records for Culpin


Master Henry Dennis
Master’s Trade Butcher
Where Blunham, Bedfordshire
Apprentice Name William Culpin
Date of Duty 8th August 1785
Date of Indenture 1st August 1785
Term 7 Years From 6th Oct 1780
Reference IR 1/63
Apprenticeship Fee £31 10s 0d
Masters Jeremiah Smith
Master’s Trade Woolcomber
Where Spalding, Lincolnshire
Apprentice Name Richard Culpin
Date of Duty 13th March 1778
Date of Indenture 6th March 1778
Term 7 Years
Reference IR 1/29
Apprenticeship Fee £5 5s 0d
Master Thomas Chappell
Master’s Trade Black Smith
Where Castor, Huntingdonshire
Apprentice Name James Culpin
Date of Duty 15th November 1754
Date of Indenture 25th March 1754
Term 7 Years
Reference IR 1/20
Apprenticeship Fee £3 0s 0d