Analysis of age at death

We have a full age listing for all Culpin deaths from 1837 at the start of civil registration until 1909 and intend to investigate aspects such as life expectancy for Culpins. Our study will develop to examine a number of themes but currently we are examining the following.

  1. An analysis of Deaths below the age of 15. These are assumed to be ‘genuine’ Culpins as they shouldn’t have married by that age and hence changed their name. We will do this for both males and females.
  2. Analysis of all deaths. This will however, include women that married and became a CULPIN.
  3. Analysis of male deaths above the age of 15. (presumably people who were born as a CULPIN.
  4. Regional variations in death patterns.

This is long term project and will be developed over the next year or so, if you have aspects that you feel would be worth investigating or have data to contribute please contact us.