John Culpin of Castor, Court Report 1842

John Culpin (born 1798 Castor, Northamptonshire)

John had a number of court appearances before finally being transported to Tasmania. The following articles in the newspapers refer to the court appearance in 1842 that led to transportation.

Reported in 07 October 1842 edition of Lincolnshire Chronicle

LINCOLNSHIRE CHRONICLE: A man of the name of Culpin, living at Upton, Northamptonshire, cut his throat on Sunday last under the following circumstances:- A quantity of wheat, in the chaff, was found upon his premises covered over with some potato tops, on the day previous to his committing the act, in some sacks, the property of Mr Joseph Tebbutt, who applied for a warrant for his apprehension, of which fact Culpin by some means came in possession, and committed the aforesaid act.

Reported in 14th October 1842 edition of Lincolnshire Chronicle

LINCOLNSHIRE CHRONICLE: Peterborough Petty Sessions (Saturday). John Culpin, of Upton, was committed for trial at the sessions to be holden on Thursday the 20th inst., charged on the oath of Mr Joseph Tebbutt, of Upton, with having stolen a quantity of wheat in the chaff and three sacks, his property. The prisoner on Sunday se’nnight, previous to being in custody, made an attempt upon his life by cutting his throat, dividing the windpipe, but missing the main artery; he was consequently in an enfeebled state, but sufficiently recovered to become an inmate of the gaol. 

Reported in the 28 October 1842 edition of the Stamford Mercury

Peterbor’ Sessions – At the sessions for the liberty, held on Thursday the 20th inst., and continued by adjournament on Friday 21st, (before T A Cooke, Esq., chairman, Wm. Simpson, C. Henson, W. Bate, Esqs and the Rvs. Wm. Strong and John Hopkinson,)

John Culpin, was found guilt of stealing a quantity of wheat in the chaff, the property of Mr. Tebbutt, farmer, of Upton ; and was sentenced to 15 years’ transportation

Reported in 21 October 1842 – Lincolnshire Chronicle

Peterbor’ Sessions (Yesterday), – Before Thomas Alderson Cooke, Esq., chairman, and the Reverends W. Strong and John Hopkinson, Wm. Simpson, Edward Gibbons, Steed Girdlestone, C. Henson, and W. Bate, Esquires.-

Culpin, for stealing two bushels of undressed wheat from Mr. Tebbutt, of Upton ; 15 years’ transportation -The sessions terminated at 6 o’clock

The incident features in the book about the village, Five Parishes: Their people and Places, in Chapter 14. The book is now out of print but is available on line here as part of the Castor Archives.

The book quotes an extract from  the ‘Annals of Castor, a diary kept by John Hales, and published in the Peterborough Citizen in 1922’ .

‘John Culpin of Upton cut his throat with a razor but not so as to kill himself. He was removed to Peterborough on suspicion of stealing three sacks of wheat from Mr J Tebbutt’s [Manor Farm]. It was found in his garden, and he was sentenced to 15 years’ transportation.’

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