John Culpin of Castor, Court Report 1838

John Culpin (born 1798 Castor, Northamptonshire)

John had a number of court appearances before finally being transported to Tasmania. The following articles in the newspapers refer to a court appearance in 1838.

Reported in 13th April 1838 edition:

PETERBOROUGH SESSIONS, Thursday April 5, John Culpin of Castor, shepherd stood indicted for stealing 1 Lb weight of wool from a sheep’s back, the property of John Dickens, of Castor, farmer. Mr. Wilkinson, on behalf of the prisoner, objected to many of the jurors, who were farmers; the prisoner however, after a long trial was found guilty, and sentenced 12 months’ imprisonment in the house of correction to hard labour.

Reported in 13th April 1838 edition:

At Peterborough sessions on Thursday the 6th
–John Culpin, of Castor, was tried for stealing wool from the backs of several sheep belonging to Mr. John Dickens, farmer, of Castor in the month of January last; in the’middle of which trial, about three o’clock, an alarm of fire was given witch had broken out on the premises of Messrs. Hill, brewers magistrates, jury and all present in court, immediately repaired to the scene, and in about two hours the fire was under, with little damage beyond the destruction or the furnace and that part of the brewery immediately attached. If the engines with the assistance attending had not been so readily at hand the damage would have been more extensive. The magistrates, jury, &c.,again assembled in court about six o’clock and the trial or Culpin lasted until eight. He was found guilty, and sentenced to twelve months imprisonment to hard labour.

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