Ancestors of Alfred Culpin

Alfred Culpin’s was born in Nottinghamshire while his father was workjing as a signalman near Newark but his family were from North Northamptonshire. 

Alfred Culpin’s ancestors came from King’s Cliffe are were living there from at least tudor times.

The family lived here for several generations with various children moving to other villages in the area and surrounding counties.


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  • the branch that moved to Woodnewton, Northamptonshire CLICK HERE.
  • other branches to follow.
    Alfred’s ancestor Charles (born in the mid 1600s) moved to Woodnewton, village nearby  in Northamptonshire and his family continued to live there for over a century.

They were tailors and held land as copyholders in the centre of the village and before enclosure, in the fields of the village. They were regularly jurers on the local lord’s courts.

Throughout the majority of this period the family were very financially secure but by the early 1800s they had hit harder times and Richard and Sarah’s children moved to other villages for work.

When Sarah died, the last Culpin of this branch to live there, she was living in rented property that the family had once owned.

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Alfred’s ancestors were the branch that moved to Castor and Ailsworth in the early 1800s to work on the Milton Estate.

During this period there were a number of Culpin families living in the area, all descended form the Woodnewton Culpins.

George Culpin, Alfred’s father worked on the Great Northern Railway as a signalman at various locations in Lincolnshire ending up as Signalman at Deeping St James station.

Alfred also wanted to work on the railway but had to move to another area as company rules discouraged family members working with the same company. He obtained a post with the Great Central Railway and moved to Sheffield were subsequent generations lived.