Culpin Crimes and Punishments 1

Soho street: Victorian cartoon by CruickshankPeter Culpin

Peter Culpin 1827 Soho, London

Peter alleges that he was the subject of a Violent Theft and Highway Robbery: 26 Dec 1827: Peter Street, Soho, London

Peter appeared in court at the Old Bailey to support his claim that he had been assaulted ‘on the King’s Highway’ by a number of men including John Mitchell.

The statement by Peter includes a description of the alleged assault and subsequent theft of a Pocket Watch and shows a little of what life was probably like on some of the capital’s streets. There clearly was a scuffle but whether Peter accused John Mitchell to ‘get his own back’ for the rough treatment or whether there actually was a theft isn’t clear but is left for the reader to decide. If you would like to hear John’s claim in his own words then read the Old Bailey Report of the Case. In the end the Jury were not convinced and the judgement on John Mitchell was ‘not guilty’.

Thomas Culpin of Deene, Northamptonshire – Northampton Assizes April 1800

In March 1800 Thomas Culpin was accused of ‘killing and stealing’ a wether sheep that was the property of John Webster (Gent) of Deene near King’s Cliffe in Northamptonshire. He was sent to Northampton Gaol. He was sentenced to death but subsequently reprieved.