Culpins in the News

Nineteenth century newspapers are a rich source of information about our ancestors and help to give more details about their daily lives. The following are examples, of you know which branch of the culpin family they belong to, do let us know.

22 May 1835 – Stamford Mercury – Stamford, Lincolnshire, England.

The Albion Wharf Company had boats moving between London, Stamford and Spalding.

Richard Culpin, was Captain of the Mary Ann


02 February 1816 Stamford Mercury

Richard Culpin, River Vessel Owner 1816.

Richard Culpin Of Spalding is indicated here as the owner of the River Vessels, Charlotte and Eliza.

23 November 1827 – Stamford Mercury.

This Richard Culpin is the last of a long line of Culpins to live in Woodnewton in Northamptonshire. His ancestors have held the copy of this building for many generations, but by the 1820s, they are tenants. Their family trees are available here.