Alfred Culpin & his wife Gertrude in Ailsworth, near Peterborough, my Grandparents.. The image was taken in the 1960s. Although his father was born in nearby Castor he retired to the village and often frequented the village pub across the green. (Image Copyright: D.Boston, Culpin-net)

Rather than study just one particular family or branch, our study aims to investigate occurrence of the surname CULPIN and its main variants throughout the country.

As part of this research we have developed family trees for specific Culpin families in various locations across the country, but we have also extensive indexes and documents relating to the name, so if you can’t locate what you are looking for please  do contact us 

We are also interested in any other Family History Researchers who are studying the name, so if you are one of these, do contact us.

When we started our interest in family history it was my grandfather, Alfred Culpin who was the centre of our original research. Although we have researched much of the rest of our family and hence many other names, it is the Culpin name that has fascinated us, an interest that has grown into a full blown study of the CULPIN surname.

The name isn’t common, with less than twenty births often the norm nationally throughout the Victorian era and so it is ideal for investigating patterns and trends as the Culpins families moved into the twentieth century. Some of this research is now available online but we are always following new paths so do look again to see what is recently available.

Readers are free to use our research material for non-commercial purposes but we would ask you to quote us as the source, so that we can continue to develop our study. The more that contribute the better! CLICK HERE to find out more about using images or information on the site.

We have recently moved our website to this new site (http://culpin.org.net) so some of the resources on the old one (www.culpin.org.uk) are still being uploaded, please bear with us. As always we are continuing to develop our research into the name, so do look again for the latest additions.

Distribution of Culpin surnames and variants in 1881. Image is copyright.

The surname CULPIN is not a common surname. Although it is currently found in many parts of the UK and other countries, in the past it appears to be mainly concentrated on a few midland counties. Many who have studied the name feel that it originated in a very tiny locality. Although hard to prove, one purpose of this study is to investigate these origins, and to provide resources for others interested in the name.

Distribution of CULPIN surname in 1881.There are a number of variations of the name, CULPAN being one of the most popular and appears to originate from West Yorkshire where it could have developed separately.

In addition to the research about the origins of the name, there are parish records, census returns and other resources such as  maps and other documents. We also have full GRO index listings for the name with the mother’s maiden name.